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Someone Else's Addiction | Community Group in Ayrshire

Someone Else's Addiction?

Someone Else’s Addiction is a unique Ayrshire community group, set up to help those affected by a loved one’s addiction to drugs, alcohol or gambling.


About Us

We support families from all over Ayrshire, dealing with the consequences of someone else’s battle with addiction. We help by bringing them together, letting them know they have someone to turn to, and by helping them navigate the maze of services available.

We met in 2012, while studying for an HNC in Social Care and bonded over painful experience of addiction in our families, so we understand feelings of stigma and isolation within a community. Our community group is building a highly effective organization, which offers an important safe harbour from huge problems and hurdles.

Addiction is a devastating illness – alcohol and gambling raise demons, such as emotional pain, violence and financial loss. However, the availability and temptation of drugs, regardless of family environment or postcode, is changing the face of the drug problem in Scotland. Communities can’t understand the scale of what’s happening and cash-strapped services are struggling to cope.

Family members feel hopeless, with nowhere to turn for comfort, or for help with an addict’s recovery. The problem indirectly affects us all and must be talked about more, to make a difference. Someone Else’s Addiction enables communities to work together, access support and address the dangers and temptations facing our youth.

Support Groups

Every Wednesday
12.00 – 2.00pm
40 Soulis Street

Every 2nd Wednesday
7.00 – 9.00pm
Tower Room
Kilmarnock Train Station

With the help of experienced volunteers, we hold a welcoming weekly meeting in Kilmarnock’s YMCA, every Wednesday from 12-2pm. The conversation moves from tears to laughter and back again, with everyone leaving a little lighter and more hopeful, feeling that they matter too. Should you be having a very bad time, private chats can be organised sensitively.

With ongoing support from Scottish Families, we are working hard to gain access to important funding, and will always continue our battle to break down difficult social barriers for families who desperately need our help.

We’re here for you.

Julie Biggley and Karen McLeod

Someone Else's Addiction

Get in Touch

Tel: 07397 688 464
Tel: 07397 685 588